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There are three primary building methods utilized by our company.

General Commercial Contracting:

This is the most common and most traditional method. Owners engage architects and engineers to design their facilities and Century holds a direct contract with the owner to construct them following the documents provided by the design team.

Design Build Construction:

We hold a single contract with an owner to design and build their facility. Architectural and structural engineering are performed by firms directly contracted with us. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing are commonly designed by design build trade contractors. This tends to be favored by owners who desire simplicity and single-source responsibility.

Construction Management:

We assist owners with estimating, trade or prime contractor identification, issuing prime contracts, scheduling, project management and supervision. In this method, the owner holds direct contracts with trade prime contractors and Century’s compensation is fee based.

All three primary methods benefit from Pre-Construction Services. This is an effort for the owner, design team and contractor to partner in a focused approach to the project in advance to finalizing a contract and starting construction.

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